MK by the bay

What do these four pictures have in common?  I have no idea.

This is the daily brain candy I deal with. I find an interesting life balance in these photos as I try to figure out the ultimate family/life/career/man balance on a weekly basis and believe me, it isn’t easy. There are several books written about this stuff, but I choose to figure it out on my own, only like a stubborn Philly guy would. 

I was walking through the farmer’s market pushing a double stroller with the mini me, while listening to Public Enemy/holding on to my youth, with a glass of wine in my hand (what am I the only one?). Meanwhile I was thinking about another show I am creating, what cherries to get, is the corn that I already purchased good, and oddly enough… the main thing on my mind…the darn stump that was kicking my butt in the backyard for over a week. Is this what they call balance? 

I have struggled to find this “family balance” and I think people that say they have it right are full of crap as there really is no such a thing. This is an ever evolving puzzle in which some weeks you may have the right pieces, and some weeks you won’t. Last week I thought I had my 11 month old down to a science, got a ton of work done and actually found time to chill. This week he is clobbering me with a whole new action-hero format, and I am way behind on both sleep and creative. I remind myself too, that our 3 year old has worn the same “Tangled” dress to bed for five weeks straight and has a 3 blueberry muffin a day habit. Just another week around the Griswolds.

I’ll take Challenging for 600 Alex …buzz, buzz. “Yes, Michael.”  ”What is work/life balance?”. “That is correct.” 

This was indeed an interesting 48 hours of self-analysis, but the bottom line is I loved my family to the best of my ability, churned up some new creative waters, hung out with God a few times, and I kicked that stumps ass with some good old axe work. I’ll take the small victories because next week as we all know, we get a whole new set of circumstance. Hit reset. I am welcomed to parenthood…again.

Have a great week everyone, and thank you very much for hanging out.


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